Welcome to Centraal Lease

Our goal is to provide you with the easiest vehicle owning experiece possible. Our lease service will allow you to get your business moving, without worrying about the complexities of managing the vehicles you need to get it going.

Leasing made simple

Centraal Lease goal is to make the leasing process as simple for your company as possible.

Peace of mind for you

Go ahead, focus on your business. We will take care of your vehicle fleet.

Your fleet will run

Our experty maintenance will keep your fleet running at full speed.


A Full Operational Lease Contract is a mean by which companies obtain the right to use a vehicle, with all maintenance costs covered, and it is a major alternative to outright purchasing equipment in many countries.

The flexibility and economic advantage of leasing makes it an excelent investment choice. In addition to the availability of tax allowances, other factors such as cash flow, risk of value decrease and other economic considerations play a role in opting for leasing instead of buying.

Centraal Lease offers attractive lease rates, along with the necessary service and support to make it a compelling choice for any business.


No large capital spending required

A low monthly lease rate improves cash flow and retains working capital capacity.

Operating costs are known in advance

This makes budgeting decisions much easier and you won't have to deal with unexpoected costs.

By outsourcing you can focus on your core business

Never again will transportation or mobility issues will keep you from dedicating 100% of your time to run your business

Replacement vehicles available

Accident do happens, but that doesn't need to affect your operations. Centraal Lease always have a vehicle available for you, and we are the only company that also has commercial replacement vehicles.

Always a presentable fleet

At the end of the lease period we can replace your vehicle for a brand new one, right away.

A worry-free solution

A Lease conrtract contain all major cost components associated with vehicle fleets, including depreciation, interest, insurance and amintenance.

Our Team

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Robert WernetAdministration
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Andrea PerezAdministration Asisstant
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Brian van SpaandonkManager
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Ruggiero MarquezFront Office
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Renato GeermanAccounts Receivable
Gregory Arends
Gregory ArendsWagenparkbeheerder
  • The broadest array of commercial vehicles on the island, from quality brands Hyundai, Isuzu and Volkswagen.
  • Warranty backed. And we even provide replacement equipment while yours is in for service, so your company keeps moving forward!


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